The contract is awarded to WASTE MANAGEMENT for seven years with renewal options after that.  Pick up will  be twice a week as it has been but will be on Tuesday and Friday  beginning August 23 Residents will be given 2 containers.  One will be for recyclables (pick one one time a week) and the other for household trash.  You will have the choice of 35, 64 or 96 gallon container for household trash.  If either of these  is ever damaged, it will be replaced.  Additionally, you may continue to use other containers or place items beside the container for pickup.  No trash will be left behind either day.   There will be 2 persons on the truck (One driver and one on the back to load and to assist the semi automatic arm pickup. Yard Trash and limbs, etc will be picked up as is currently done on Thursday.  They now will have 2 claw trucks doing this in Malabar.  If necessary this pickup will carry over on Friday.  This contract begins August 23 but the new rates will begin in October.  The rate will be a bit up from where we have been.  It will be  $16.36 per month ($49.08 per Quarter).  This is quite a lot less than the rate asked for by the other bidder.  There is a clause in the contract which allows for the Town to fine WM in the event of unresolved  substantiated complaints.  I really believe we have a good contract here.

 You may email me at  dickkorn@bellsouth.net

or call me at  (321) 403-4900








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